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Ulusaba's Pride 'n Purpose Print E-mail
Access to clean water for rural communities in the Mpumalanga Province of South Africa is a daily challenge. In February 2009 an outbreak of cholera made the situation worse. The Department of Health estimated that more than 4,000 people had presented themselves with cholera in health facilities within the area.
In response, Ulusaba, Sir Richard Branson's Private Game Reserve, and Water For All teamed up to distribute LifeStraw® water purifiers to the villages surrounding the reserve.
Through Ulusaba's Pride 'n Purpose project 500 purifiers were donated and dispatched to help prevent a futher spread of the disease. With the help of the Bhubezi Community Health Care Centre purifiers were distributed as clinic staff made their daily visits to surrounding villages. Pride 'n Purpose staff also provided those who rely on water from the nearby river with purifiers and information on waterborne diseases and prevention techniques.
The LifeStraw® portable water purifier can be carried for easy access to safe and clean drinking water. In emergency situations or in remote areas were borehole drilling is difficult or cost prohibitive, the LifeStraw® is a life saving option. This water purification system makes it possible to drink from surface water sources that would not otherwise be safe. The straw removes 99.999% of waterborne bacteria and 98.2% of waterborne viruses. It filters a minimum of 700 litres of water and requires no electrical power or spare parts.
Pride 'n Purpose helps disadvantaged communities living adjacent to the reserve by providing access to food, water and health services, and by empowering communities with sustainable development initiatives. Over 35,000 people across six communities benefit from Pride 'n Purpose including Lillydale, Justicia, Newington, Dumphries, Metsi and Rolle. 100% of all guest donations at Ulusaba go directly to Pride 'n Purpose projects.
Pride 'n Purpose Manager Lindsay Hanekom said, "Our partnership with Water For All allowed us to take immediate action to protect our neighbors from cholera. This emergency reinforces the need to have affordable and easy solutions for access to clean drinking water."