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Fun and Sun in South Africa PDF Print E-mail

In early November, Water For All donated a Fun Pump to the Mokakana Primary School in South Africaís North West Province. The school serves more than 400 children from the nearby village of Mafikeng, a remote town of just 2000 households. Before the Fun Pump was installed, the school had relied on weekly delivery of water in tanks which did not provide enough water for the school children and their teachers.

"Having the water pump system has made life so easy. We are able to assist the feeding scheme with vegetables from the garden, keep the classrooms clean and also stay healthy," said Mrs. Dire, a teacher at the school. "We used to send the kids during break and before school starts to fetch water for the day. Now learners now have enough time to play and relax. The tank is always full. You can come anytime to collect water," she said. Mrs. Dire also said that they use the water to wash their hands and for cooking.

The Fun Pump is a unique pumping system consisting of solar driven pump with the added bonus of an electricity-generating merry-go-round. Both the solar panel and the merry-go-round provide power for the pump. The solar panel alone can produce more than 5000 litres of water per day and when the children are playing the production of water increases by approximately 20 percent.

Carl Nienaber, Operations Manager of Water For All, who oversaw the installation of the Fun Pump, said, "The kids looked really pleased. They were getting on the merry go round before we were finished with it and the tap made an immediate impression."† Mrs. Dire added, "The kids play on the merry-go-round in the morning before school starts, during break time and after school before going home.† The kids donít even know they are playing to produce water. They just enjoy playing on the merry-go-round. We even have to chase them away after school."