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Children Learn Why Clean Water is Important PDF Print E-mail

Children in rural communities of South Africa know that water is for drinking, washing clothes, cooking, and watering gardens.  Too many, however, donít know why they should only drink from a safe water source and how to use clean water in other ways to stay healthy.

Water For All is helping children understand the connection between a safe water source and good health.  With a grant from ABI, a large soft drink producer and distributor, Water For All is conducting "Water Education Workshops" at ten South African primary schools where Water For All donated solar water pumps.

Through practical demonstrations, presentations, activities and games, the children learn about water conservation, hygiene and sanitation practices, the prevention of water related diseases, and the safe storage of water.


At Lawley Primary School near Johannesburg, South Africa, children now know why clean water is so important.

With each workshop, Lindiwe Sibiya, Water For All programme assistant, inspects the pump and explains how it works as well.  

"The children quickly learn the concepts of why they should only drink clean water, and how important it is to wash their hands frequently" said Sibiya.  "They also like knowing that the Sun or Fun Pump at their school generates electricity that powers the pump.  They always seem intrigued by how it works and take great pride in the fact that their school has received such a special pump."

Water For All provides Project Wet student activity books and teaching materials to reinforce the messages presented in the workshop.  Prizes are also given out during the workshop for those who answer questions correctly or  volunteer to share what they have learned.


Water Workshop at the Mahlabateng Primary School near Johannesburg, South Africa.

The instruction also includes how to prevent the spread of disease by making and using   simple tools from a two-litre plastic soda bottle.  The Tippy Tap, for example, is an inexpensive way for a school to set up multiple hand washing stations. The tube of a ball point pen is inserted in the bottom of the bottle, which is filled with clean water that flows through the tube when the cap is loosened.  The Tippy Tap can be suspended along with a bar of soap outside of a latrine or near a food preparation area.

"Water For All  is committed to improving  not only the technologies we offer, but also to helping more people understand how important clean water is to a long and healthy life"  said Jill Rademacher, President, Water For All.