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Clean Drinking Water to 25 Schools in Malawi Print E-mail
Today Water For All and Water Wells for Africa announced that the organizations will join forces to provide new access to clean drinking water for 25 primary schools in southern Malawi, Africa. The U.S.-based Water Wells for Africa will drill or rehabilitate boreholes, and Water For All, based in South Africa, will donate and install merry-go-round style water pumps.  

"In Malawi, only 37 percent of the population has access to safe water within one mile of their home," said Kurt Dahlin, President of Water Wells for Africa. "By partnering with Water For All, we are combining the strengths and expertise of our two organizations to address this crisis in a meaningful way." 

As part of the partnership, schools in most dire need will be identified and orientation will be provided to school leaders and teachers on how the merry-go-round pump can be used and its benefits to the school. The 25-school project originating from Blantyre is part of a country-wide program in which Water For All is donating 100 pumps to primary schools with funding provided by the U.S. Government’s Agency for International Development.

"Thanks to our generous supporters, Water For All is able to donate a wide variety of water pumps throughout Africa," said Geoff Hopkins, Managing Director of Water For All.  "Borehole partnerships with organizations like Water Wells for Africa enable us to deliver water to schools more rapidly and more effectively, given their expertise in the area of drilling."

A borehole is a deep hole drilled into the ground and encased in order to extract water from below the earth's surface. The merry-go-round pumps offered by Water For All are an appropriate option for primary schools as they provide both access to water and an opportunity for children to play. As children play on the rotational pump, clean water moves into a storage tank and a simple tap makes it easy to draw water.

Worldwide, millions of women and children spend several hours a day collecting water from distant, often polluted, sources.  Access to safe water reduces water-borne diseases and eases the burden on women and girls in rural communities. It is estimated that nearly 1 billion people worldwide do not have access to clean drinking water.

Water For All, a nonprofit organization based in Johannesburg, has provided access to clean water to hundreds of schools and communities throughout Africa since 2004.  As part of Water For All’s customized approach, the organization works with local communities and in-country advisors to assess each school or community's water needs and determine which water technology is most appropriate. Water For All uses a range of water technologies such as merry-go-round pumps, wind powered pumps, solar pumps, hand pumps and purification systems.  For additional information, visit  
Water Wells for Africa (WWFA) is a non-profit, public benefit, organization based in Playa Del Rey, California which was founded to answer the cries of the needy in Malawi, Africa by providing them clean drinking water via sustainable fresh water wells. The organization's founders have been involved with funding and installing or refurbishing over 100 deep borehole water wells in Malawi. WWFA continues to re-assess the condition of previously deployed wells and conducts surveys to find strategic sites for additional wells.  WWFA relies on donations from individuals, corporations, and grants to continue its effort to reach the needs of Malawi villagers.  For additional information, visit