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Water For All is addressing the water crisis in Africa by donating clean water technologies to communities that have no reliable source of clean water.

With 884 million people lacking access to clean water, the world’s water crisis cannot be ignored. The voices of communities in need must be heard and solutions sought collectively.

Together with a network of partners and local organisations, Water For All donates water solutions including solar pumps, rainwater harvesting systems and water filtration technologies.

We take a customised approach. Water For All consults with local communities and in-country advisors to assess each school or community's water needs and determine if our water technologies are appropriate for the setting. We consider factors such as borehole yields, weather conditions, population size, proximity to schools, and community engagement. Water For All then recommends which technology might meet the needs of the community and works with leaders to make the final determination.

Water For All offers communities more than a solar pump or rainwater or filtration systems. Our new Pump Minders programme offers valuable training and promotes ownership at the local level. A community that receives a pump nominates two local residents, who help install the pump and are trained in basic repairs by Water For All’s installation team.